CLAAS remanufactured parts

As good as new.

The CLAAS REMAN parts range provides an economic alternative to buying new parts.

CLAAS remanufactured parts

As good as new.

The CLAAS REMAN parts range provides an economic alternative to buying new parts.

The CLAAS REMAN range of remanufactured parts

As good as new.

High-quality materials and a great deal of time and effort go into every CLAAS ORIGINAL part. For this reason, CLAAS takes back used parts, refurbishes them in an industrial process and remarkets them as a cost-effective alternative to new parts, under the name CLAAS REMAN.

When it comes to reconditioning, we place great emphasis on economic efficiency and series-comparable quality. CLAAS REMAN parts undergo the same tests in technical development as their brand-new counterparts. This guarantees optimal functionality of CLAAS REMAN parts in the field.

Cost saving.

By optimising our procedures and improving our internal logistics processes, we have been able to significantly cut the costs of selected CLAAS REMAN parts while maintaining a consistent level of quality. Needless to say, we pass this cost saving on to you.

  • Benefits

    CLAAS REMAN remanufactured parts have many key benefits:

    • Shorter downtime periods – through replacing entire components, often directly on site
    • Low prices – through savings on remanufactured parts compared with new parts (sometimes > 50%)
    • High quality – through industrial reconditioning of CLAAS REMAN parts
    • Technical refinement – through a direct connection to series production
    • Value retention – through the use of technically new-quality CLAAS REMAN parts
    • Value-for-money repair solutions – including for older machines, with CLAAS REMAN parts
    • CLAAS REMAN parts comply with our warranty guidelines for new parts
    • Active environmental protection – resources are protected through the reuse of old parts
  • Process
  • Industrial reconditioning

    Industrial reconditioning of old parts

    All operational steps in the reconditioning process follow CLAAS specifications and undergo numerous quality tests.

    This ensures that only defect-free parts are supplied and installed, and that CLAAS REMAN parts match CLAAS original parts in terms of quality.

  • Range

    The CLAAS REMAN programme already includes a wide range of parts.

    From the starter motor to the entire engine, and from individual modules to the CEBIS control unit, there are CLAAS REMAN parts available.

    And best of all – the product range is continually expanding!

    CLAAS REMAN – a welcome return.

    Please contact your CLAAS sales partner for more information.